Blur: no plans to continue

Posted July 24th, 2009 by eric

Though it could easily be another one of Alex James’ coy, pot-stirring sound bites, the legendary louche/bassist of Blur has announced that the band has no plans whatsoever to continue, following its triumphant return to the summer festival circuit. Blur stormed back from self-exile with a string of high profile concerts to celebrate its reunion with estranged guitarist Graham Coxon and seemingly to show the imitators how it’s done. Now that the band has ended its run with showers of praise and a completely rejuvenated fanbase, James has nonchalantly dismissed any further activity, squashing hopes for American fans that the band would continue the parade stateside.

“I’ve spent the last week staring at a bonfire muttering to myself,” bassist Alex James told BBC News. “I haven’t been able to contain the joy that [the reunion concerts] brought to all of us. It was very, very emotional. Everything we hoped it would be and more.”

James is notorious for toying with reporters. So, anything he says has to be taked with the requisite amount of salt. He did call Glastonbury Blur’s “best gig ever”, which would admittedly be hard to top.  But I wouldn’t close the book just yet.

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