Kitty-pounding wedding singers

Posted August 28th, 2009 by eric

If you’re marrying a girl with a seemingly limitless dowry, then you just might be able to afford one of the following performers for your reception. The prices are as big as the names, give or take. I remember my friend wanted to get The Magnetic Fields when he and his wife got married almost nine years ago. The price at the time was $10,000 plus air-fare, which seems like a steal compared to these acts. Granted, it’s a stratospheric difference in terms of fame but still. Some of these prices just seem to be set as deterrents because nobody wants to play some random wedding, but the logic being,  if you cough up millions, hey, then it’d probably be ok. If I had $981,000 extra clams lying around I sure as shit would not employ the likes of Rod Stewart, especially circa now. And, really, Jennifer Lopez demands $1.6 million for private parties? I cannot even imagine the buyer’s remorse after that party ends. The rest at least make some semblance of sense, given your taste level:

1. The Rolling Stones – up to £5 million ($8.176m)
2. Sir Elton John – up to £2 million ($3.27m)
– Kylie Minogue – up to £2 million ($3.27m)
4. Christina Aguilera – up to £1.5 million ($2.45m)
5. George Michael – £1.3 million ($2.45m)
6. Amy Winehouse – £1 million ($1.64m)
– Sir Paul McCartney – £1 million ($1.64m))
– Leona Lewis – £1 million ($1.64m))
– Jennifer Lopez – £1 million ($1.64m)
10. Barry Manilow – £750,000 ($1.23m)
11. Rod Stewart – £600,000 ($981,000)
12. Duran Duran – £500,000 ($818,000)

[ via Idolator]

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