Shepard Fairey interviews Daniel Ash of Love & Rockets

Posted August 28th, 2009 by eric

Daniel Ash from Love & Rockets/Bauhaus discusses the new Love & Rockets tribute album New Tales to Tell with DJ/artist Shepard Fairey at an Urban Outfitters in LA. Ash proclaims his surprising ignorance of all things internet but admits that it’s probably not the wisest move to abstain from the driving force behind the spread of modern music. He just can’t get excited by anything on a computer because “you can’t smell the coffee.” Or something. Unfortunately, there are no Love & Rockets revelations, nor does Fairey delve into Bauhaus’ oddly anti-climactic exit from the public eye last year. Ash does reveal his aspirations to pursue TV and film soundtrack work, though, for what that’s worth. [via Buddyhead]

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