Play your 7″s anywhere with this tiny concept USB turntable

Posted September 15th, 2009 by eric

I’m a big fan of gadgets, especially those that relate to music. So, when you combine a cool gadget idea with a slick design, my wallet is already halfway open. So, damn you, concept design blogs! K shared the link to this simple, slick, and extremely cool USB turntable idea on Google Reader, and I could find nary a link to purchase. Ugh. Well, if this ever reaches mass marketing, I will gladly test it out. It is admittedly not for audiophiles, as it is clearly heavy on the convenience and showy design while a bit light on the technological specifications. But, still, it’s very cool. I could play records at work with one of these. Ok, so playing vinyl at work is beyond impractical, but I would still really want to try it.

Tags: gadget