Echo & the Bunnymen “I Think I Need It Too” on Later with Jools Holland 10.06.2009

Posted October 8th, 2009 by eric

K’s Nouvelle Vague post sent me off to listen to the original Echo & the Bunnymen version of “All My Colours”, which then prompted me to Google what the band’s been up to lately. Turns out it just performed its new single “I Think I Need It Too” on Later with Jools Holland two nights ago. Despite a slightly worse for the wear appearance, the two remaining Bunnymen can still emulate the sound that made them famous. It’s just kind of weird when reunited bands play with guys half their age to flesh out the spots left by members past. The original Echo & the Bunnymen produced a few of my favorite records of all time, so it’s still hard to wrap my head around this ghost of a once great band’s new stuff, even five reunited records and 12 years back in. Still, the music sounds legitimate so long as you close your eyes, which you may want to do anyway because the audio in this clip isn’t synched very well. Ian McCulloch still has that snarling, cocksure voice and guitarist Will Sergeant hasn’t lost his touch for instantly memorable guitar runs. And it’s tight and rocking enough that I’d still go see it live.

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