Spotted: Sonic Youth consorting with uppercrust, backstabbing teens

Posted October 8th, 2009 by eric

On the next episode of Gossip Girl…Sonic Youth (?!?) will play an acoustic version of the EVOL classic “Star Power.” To cash in on celebrate the occasion, Sonic Youth will be offering the acoustic track as a digital download the following day over at Sonic Youth dot com. If commemorating the band’s first appearance on the ought’s answer to Cruel Intentions with a measly digital single isn’t enough for you, then you can grab the “Star Power” pack, which includes the single,  a limited edition, handmade poster (pictured above), as well as a “Star Power” t-shirt. Rumor has it Chuck and Nate were all “yeah yeah yeah, Sonic Youth, blah blah blah…but do you know Kings of Leon?”

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