Pixies “La La Love You” live 10.15.2009

Posted November 2nd, 2009 by eric

Now that the Pixies have extended their reunion into a never-ending trip down memory lane, it’s getting harder to feel genuinely supportive. When the band first announced it would be reuniting 6 years ago, the excitement far outweighed all of the cliched cons that go hand-in-hand with any band trying to recapture its legend post-prime. But now that the mystery has subsided and we can clearly see that the band has no intention of writing or recording new music, the “20th Anniversary Doolittle” concerts seem more than slightly gratuitous. I was lucky enough to have seen the band the first time around, and, I have to admit, they were just as good post-reunion. So, is it enough to be a circus sideshow of nostalgia?

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