Tim Kasher hangs out at open mic nights

Posted December 14th, 2009 by eric

Tim Kasher, frontman for both Cursive and The Good Life, has abandoned life in Los Angeles for the anonymity of Montana, where he spends every Wednesday at a local bar’s open mic night. Kasher recently spoke to Spinner, explaining the motive thusly:

“The locals don’t know I’m in a band. It’s great. It gives me a chance to try out new songs. I know I’ve got to have them ready for next Wednesday.”

The end game for Kasher is to test out new material on honest, unbiased ears. He’s working on his first solo record, which will be billed under the moniker Adelvice because he thinks his own name is too boring. Fair enough. The new stuff is allegedly “softer and poppier” than Cursive’s typically abrasive approach. So, like The Good Life, then, right? Well, except, minus a full band.

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