With no understanding of the concept of supply and demand, Hole reunites, anyway

Posted January 13th, 2010 by eric

It’s not news to hear that Courtney Love is an embarrassing trainwreck, but this Hole reunion is scraping the resin off the bottom of the barrel. First of all, no one cares. No one liked Hole to begin with. The only reason anyone paid any attention to the band’s second album, Live Through This, was because of the horribly coincidental timing of its release being so close to Kurt Cobain’s death. So, a bad case of rubbernecking. Secondly, Courtney Love’s entire “celebrity” has been based on the tragic circumstances surrounding her opportunistic grasps at anyone or anything related to fame. I revile her just short of believing she had anything to do with Cobain’s death. And now that she’s trying to resurrect her ’90’s joke band with nary an original member, excepting herself, of course, it’s reached Celebrity Big Brother-sad levels. It’s supremely lame for Billy Corgan to try to call a band of hired guns and teenagers the Smashing Pumpkins when he’s the only member remaining from any of the records anyone cares about, but at least that guy was such a control freak that it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for him to take all the credit. This Hole reunion is several giant circles down the drain lower. Love is pawning off her delayed and re-written solo album Nobody’s Daughter because someone in her camp of sycophants realizes that having “Courtney Love” on the spine of the record carries even less weight than having “Hole” does, if that’s even possible. So, yeah, Love is the only original member of Hole present for this farce. And her justification for resurrecting the name is entrenched in typical tautologous double-speak nonsense: “It is Hole, yes of course,” she told NME. “How do I do this? It is just because it is, and it is because we just negotiated our thing and it’ll be fine. Everyone has good lawyers.” Rock and roll.

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  • 1 fak3r // Feb 19, 2010 at 10:38 am

    What a joke, I remember being surprised liking Celebrity Skin, but at the time I was visiting friends in LA and blamed that environment, but then I realized that Billy Corgan was responsible for most (all) of the pop hooks that had a hold of me. Of course then I start thinking, how did that guy make Gish and then get so washed out, but that’s another comment, eh?