RETRO: Talk Talk “I Believe in You”

Posted March 25th, 2010 by eric · No Comments

For most people Talk Talk were a flash in the pan new wave band with two hits, “It’s My Life” and the self-titled “Talk Talk”, but the band, led by the unmistakable voice of Mark Hollis, veered hard left on subsequent albums, pursuing a much darker, experimental, and esoteric creative form. This “single” from the band’s underground classic Spirit of Eden, didn’t even make a dent in the UK singles chart, which is unsurprising given how nothing on this record even remotely resembles a marketable pop song. Most of the music was improvised in the studio and then edited back down digitally to create templates for songs. Hollis never toured this record because he said it would have been impossible. Spirit of Eden has long been considered the band’s indisputable masterpiece. Countless idols of mine have pointed me to this album over the years. This bizarre clip of the band lip-syncing on a Dutch TV show would mark the band’s last ever television appearance. After Talk Talk’s equally challenging and brilliant Laughing Stock in 1991, Hollis released only one record 1998’s self-titled solo album. He has since retired from music completely. Thanks to Rock Daily for the welcome reminder.

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