Jawbreaker’s Unfun reissue out this week, reunion rumors + stream “Gutless” Mp3

Posted April 9th, 2010 by eric

I’ve been on a Jawbreaker kick for the past week or so and just last night I stumbled on the notes to “Outpatient” (off 1994’s 24-Hour Revenge Therapy) while messing around on the bass. So, I was pretty excited to come across this current interview at Rolling Stone with Blake Schwarzenbach (guitars/vocals) and Adam Pfahler (drums), who are promoting the reissue of Unfun, Jawbreaker’s 1990 debut. In it the guys discuss looking back on the state of the scene when Unfun first came out, how they view these songs with so much time between them now, and the chances of any reunions. I’ll just quote the part where Schwarzenbach addresses the reunion:

“I could see us spontaneously playing a party, but doing a huge tour would be kind of distasteful and it would do a disservice to the mystery of the band that’s some how persisted.”

So, pretty much a no go on that, which is unsurprising given all the shit the band took for signing with a major label prior to the Dear You-era back in 1994. God, they’d be crucified for a reunion. Read more about Jawbreaker’s tumultuous relationship with its fans (and itself) in this comprehensive timeline piece over at Exclaim.

And stream “Gutless” off the remastered reissue of Unfun:

Jawbreaker – Gutless.mp3

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