Interpol reclaims independence

Posted June 15th, 2010 by eric

Interpol’s self-titled fourth LP will be released via Matador Records this September, as Pitchfork has just reported. Not entirely surprising, given that the band’s major label debut, Our Love to Admire, failed to yield the type of commercial radio play that the clueless suits at the dying firms tend to favor. Matador is a much better home for Interpol’s brand of dense, dark post-punk, anyway. Losing bassist Carlos D hasn’t slowed down any of the band’s plans, however, as they’ve replaced him for the upcoming tour with Dave Pajo of the legendary Slint. Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines will join the group as well for keyboard and backing vocal duties. A slight hiccup in tour planning has postponed Interpol’s promotional machine for the forthcoming record, but those dates will likely be rescheduled.

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