STREAM: Beady Eye “Bring the Light”

Posted November 10th, 2010 by eric

So, Liam Gallagher has finally revealed what his life post-Oasis sounds like. And the result is, well, underwhelming. But what song wouldn’t fail to live up to the hype of a Gallagher brother’s middle-fingered salute to his (more) talented older brother? You know, the one who wrote all the Oasis hits? Anyway, Beady Eye is the oddly named quartet that will live in the shadow of Oasis in perpetuity, unless, of course, lightning strikes twice and Liam Gallagher somehow manages to outshine his original band. As unlikely as that is, Beady Eye isn’t terrible. In fact, if you’d played me “Bring the Light” and didn’t tell me who it was, I would have been pleasantly surprised. It’s a decent, retro ’60’s throwback, replete with boogie-down piano and a chorus of ill-advised backup singers. Liam’s voice sounds uncharacteristically un-whiny. I’ve played it several times in a row. On its own it probably would get some steam behind it, but lingering in the trail of high expectations it merely sounds OK. Liam hasn’t come out swinging. Maybe he’s saving the knock-out punch for Noel for the album.

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