If Have a Couch And a Satellite Feed, Elvis Costello Will Show UP

Posted November 12th, 2010 by eric

If you happened to have turned on a television in the past week, you’re well aware that Elvis Costello has a new record out. The man is no slacker on the promotional front, having graced the couches of everyone from Letterman to Fallon to Colbert to Joe Scarborough ¬†(!?!). Costello’s gagillionth album is entitled National Ransom and is available via Starbucks’ Hear Music venture. As big of a Costello fan as I am, I must admit I’ve fallen behind in the last few years. I think the last record I bought was Momofuku, which was only two years ago, so I guess I’m not that far behind. Anyway, Costello’s visits to these chat shows are always entertaining because he pulls out the random tunes every now and again, the highlight of which came on Jimmy Fallon’s show, where Costello played “Black and White World” with The Roots as his backing band. He looks and sounds great, as you’ll duly note in the video above. Might be time to catch up on my Costello discography. Slicing Up Eyeballs has done a fine job of following¬†his appearances over the past week.

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