The Dismemberment Plan live on Fallon!

Posted January 21st, 2011 by eric

Barsuk records has recently issued The Dismemberment Plan’s tour de force 1999 album, Emergency & I, on vinyl for the very first time. To celebrate its release (and certainly help with its promotion), the band has reunited for a few shows, including a stop by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. The band tore through “The City” for the television audience and spoiled the in-house crowd with a blistering version of “What Do You Want Me To Say?” for the bonus web footage, which even impressed Roots drummer ?uestlove. Watching these songs made me realize how much I miss this band. I was lucky enough to have seen them live a few times way back when, and they put on incredibly energetic and rocking performances. Despite the politics of reunions and all the cynicism that goes with them, I couldn’t be more excited to have The D-Plan back.

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