Replacements Documentary Debuting at Florida Film Festival

Posted March 4th, 2011 by eric

Hardcore Replacements fans are notoriously, well, crazy, and director Gorman Bechard is betting that even those mildly interested in The Replacements might want to see these fans flaunt their crazy in a long-awaited documentary entitled “Color Me Obsessed.” The film “about the only band that ever mattered” makes its premiere at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida on March 26, 2011. With over 140 interviews, the film purports to be “the potentially true story of the most influential, always drunk, self-destructive, and yet frighteningly brilliant rock band of all time as told through the eyes of their fans, followers and fellow musicians.” Amongst those interviewed for the film include members of Hüsker Dü, The Hold Steady, The Decemberists, and Goo Goo Dolls. Watch a few select trailers for the documentary:

[via Slicing Up Eyeballs]

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