STREAM: First New PIL Recording in 20 Years

Posted February 24th, 2012 by eric · No Comments

John Lydon doesn’t give a rats ass about credibility or legacies or selling out. He’s in this game for his own amusement. Hence, the multiple ($$$) Sex Pistols reunions, the cringe-worthy butter commercials, and the even more cringe-worthy appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here.  PIL was merely the only outlet left for Lydon to exploit. For me PIL stopped being relevant after Flowers of Romance, but there were a few songs beyond that I could tolerate before the last few dreadful PIL records blighted the whole story. Anyway, well, an incarnation of PIL is back with a not-too-embarrassing stab at capturing what was once fairly experimental post-punk dub music.  Lydon himself seems to muck it all up, though, with a caricature of his old garbled vocal antics. Hear for yourself:

[via Slicing up Eyeballs]

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