So, Shiner (Shiner!) Reunited and I Had No Idea

Posted December 3rd, 2012 by eric

Ugh, my day is ruined. My love for Shiner is not understood by many. This is a band that people either love with an obsessiveness that knows no bounds or they simply do not get at all. Not only did Shiner reissue a remastered version of The Egg (on vinyl for the first time) without my knowledge, but the band also REUNITED for a smattering of shows to celebrate the re-release of its masterpiece back in August. This is a band I drove over 15 hours to see in Kansas City, Missouri in January of 2003 for what was then its final show. So, to learn of all this Shiner news after the fact is more than a little disheartening. I immediately ordered a copy of the vinyl pressing of The Egg, which, if you have never heard it, please do yourself a huge favor. I think this is the best review written on the subject (to help convince those hesitant to try new/old things). I gushed about it myself over ten years ago after it had been out a while. Upon re-reading my review, there’s a sad irony/congruity in how I discovered the band “after the fact” and the events of my news day today.

Here’s an interview with Shiner’s Allen Apley and Josh Newton about the reissue, the renuion, and preparing for the shows:

Fan-captured the footage below from the final shows in Chicago:

And if that’s not enough (it’s not) more coverage of the band’s NYC stint is here.

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