Queens Of The Stone Age Recording with Dave Grohl and Nick Oliveri

Posted December 5th, 2012 by eric

Queens of the Stone Age has finally (just about) reassembled the group that made Songs for the Deaf, its last truly great record, which is somehow a decade old now. Dave Grohl is back playing drums on the album, and long-banned bassist Nick Oliveri has been allowed to re-enter Josh Homme’s sanctuary to lay down some vocals, despite his acrimonious exit from the band back in 2004. No word on any bass parts just yet. The additions are hardly permanent, as QOTSA’s door is always revolving, but it is, perhaps, a ray of hope that the songs might be harking back to the glory days of 2002. Grohl even went so far as to call QOTSA “the baddest rock’n’roll band in the world” in a recent interview with BBC1. Everything since Songs for the Deaf has been almost there, but I imagine Homme has a few tricks left up his sleeve.

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