Depeche Mode Perform New Single “Heaven” in Studio

Posted February 18th, 2013 by eric

As a long-time Depeche Mode fan, I’ve been less than enchanted by the band’s last few records to put it lightly. A few glimpses of glory here and there but mostly, well, not. I was expecting more “meh” from the new single, “Heaven,” but I find myself reinvigorated a bit as a fan. Try as it might, it’s hard for Depeche Mode not to sound like Depeche Mode, and “Heaven” doesn’t sway too far from the tried and true formula. What’s interesting to me about the new single is that it doesn’t really sound like a single. It’s subversively dark, which could be the mark of a band that’s powerful enough not to need “singles” the way bands used to- as promotional machines to propel future album sales. It’s become more of an announcement- a statement of intent. But I quite like the notes Dave Gahan chooses to sing; they are unexpected and alluring. This rendition of the song shows that, despite being beholden to so much studio trickery, Depeche Mode are just as invested emotionally in their live songs as bands who’ve strapped on guitars. [via Stereogum]

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