Prince Charges Fans to Listen to New Song

Posted February 18th, 2013 by eric

Prince is charging fans to stream a new track, “Boyfriend.” God forbid the man be paid for his music. But Prince’s business practices are so well-documented in their horribleness I can’t be bothered to link any examples, but I can’t blame the guy for trying. He just doesn’t “get it,” try as he might. It’s been boondoggle after boondoggle. I used to play along and suffer through each one, thinking “oh, surely to goodness he’s wised up by now.” Nope. It’s a rough world out there for pop stars who became superstars decades ago. Radio won’t touch you. MTV, hahaha. Blogs only buzz about what’s handed to them by the hippest PR machines. What’s left for the Madonnas and Princes of the world? Superbowl performances have already come and gone. The best you can hope for is touring that back catalog and an audience that politely allows you to “play a new one” without shuffling off to the beer stand indignantly.

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