Prince is Crazy, Contradicts Himself, Previews New 3rdEyeGirl Song

Posted January 28th, 2014 by pat

To paraphrase Walt Whitman: Does Prince contradict himself? Very well, then. He is large, and he contains multitudes.

Earlier today, The New York Times reported that two weeks ago Prince Rogers Nelson filed a lawsuit — well, his lawyers did on his behalf, anyway — against 22 bootleggers who allegedly posted unauthorized recordings of his concerts to peer-to-peer sharing sites and their Facebook pages. The timestamp on the most recent update to the Times story reads 4:11 p.m. EST. (Oh, and

But not more than three hours later, The Purple One changed his mind, TMZ reported.

Oh, yeah, he also dropped a teaser of “PRETZELBODYLOGIC,” a song from his 3rd Eye Girl collaboration with Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford and Ida Neilsen. You can hear the 30-second clip above.

The lesson, as always: Prince moves in mysterious ways.

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