RETRO: Cake Like “Lorraine’s Car” live

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Kerri Kenny of Reno 911, Viva Variety, and The State (all Comedy Central comedies) fame used to front an experimental, all-girl trio called Cake Like, whose debut came out on John Zorn’s Avant label back in 1995. Kenny and her two bandmates (Nina Hellman, guitar and Jodi Seifert, drums) just barely knew how to play their respective instruments when they recorded Delicious but still managed to eke out a pretty damn fine debut, mixing Breeders-like intensity with quirky indie-pop harmonies and a minimal, no-wave backdrop.

This performance of “Lorraine’s Car” (on some unidentified Comedy Central program) is in support of 1997’s Bruiser Queen, which lacked some of the DIY charm of Delicious but still has its share of oddball hooks and experimental non-sequiturs.

I’m obviously feeling a bit nostalgic today.

RETRO: Unwound “Petals Like Brick” live

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I don’t know where this was recorded or when, but this live version of “Petals Like Brick” off 1995’s The Future of What is incredible. My all-time favorite Unwound song. Just about every spring they would put out a new record, and each time I would travel either to Atlanta or Chapel Hill or Nashville to see them play. My collection of Unwound t-shirts from each tour started getting out of hand by the late 90’s. God, I miss this band.

Paul Weller spits on portait of Sting at Cancer benefit

Apparently, I had Paul Weller all wrong. He hasn’t lost his edge, despite years of boring, watered down soul records. At the Teenage Cancer Trust concert on March 28th, Weller saw a portrait of Sting hanging in the corridor at Royal Albert Hall in London and decided to spit on it. Accoring to NME, he took his time coughing up as much phlegm as he could muster, spat it out onto Sting’s head, and muttered: “fucking twat” as he walked away. Very classy behavior at a benefit from Mr. Weller. And unprovoked at that. What would he have done had Sting actually been there in person? Well, Weller’s opinion of Sting is no secret: “He’s a fucking horrible man. Not my cup of tea at all. Fucking rubbish. No edge, no attitude, no nothing.” If only all this pent up anger could muster its way into a record by Weller, he might not be such a bore himself when he’s not slagging off his peers.

What kind of Monstrance buggery is this?

Andy Partridge has teamed up with original XTC keyboard player Barry Andrews and drummer Martyn Barker to form Monstrance– an improvisational trio. Its self-titled debut, a double CD set, is performed comletely live and, obviously, improvised and available in two forms, orange, and a very limited pressing of blue. However, due to its extreme rarity, the blue version is unavailable for purchase on its own. Here’s the kicker: in order to obtain the blue version, you must purchase the orange one as well. So, let’s add this up: one would ostensibly have to buy two copies of the same CD (at a slightly discounted rate) just to get a blue one? Yes, that’s correct. And if you really want to toss some money into the shitter to listen to Partridge wax nonsensical, you can purchase the full Monstrance, comprising both the Orange and Blue versions of the album, a set of 2 T shirts (one orange and one blue, of course), and an array of 5 button badges. Umm, I think I’ll pass.

Of Montreal already working on follow-up

Impressive, in-depth piece on Of Montreal mastermind and resident freak Kevin Barnes over at Australia’s Wireless Bollinger. In it he discusses how anti-depressants saved his life but screwed up his marriage (thus, creating the thematic groundwork for Hissing Fauna…), his affinity for Syd Barret’s pop complexities, and his work on the next Of Montreal record, among other bizarre tangents.

On the tall order of following up Hissing Fauna…, Barnes had this to say: “I’m working on a new album now. It will still be poppy and melodic, but more fragmented in its structure. I’m stepping away from the pop song template. I am going to create a bunch of 30-to-50-second sections and string them all together. I don’t think there will be any pauses between pieces. I want it to feel like one long piece with hundreds of movements. The tentative title of the album is Skeletal Lamping.”

The Jesus Lizard prepare live DVD for June release

A vintage 1994 performance by The Jesus Lizard at the Rat in Boston is very exciting, indeed. There are few frontmen as blissfully insane as David Yow. I love how perfectly this Michael Azerrad quote from his book, Our Band Could Be Your Life describes Yow’s vocals: “on the Jesus Lizard albums (Steve) Albini recorded, singer David Yow sounds like a kidnap victim trying to howl through the duct tape over his mouth; the effect is horrific.”

I saw The Jesus Lizard around this time at Rockafellas in Columbia, SC, and Yow took a girl’s shirt off, who was smashed against the stage barrier up front. He put her tiny, pink shirt on his profusely sweating torso and wore it the remainder of the show, while the girl stood there embarrassed with her hands cris-crossed over her bra. When the song was over, Yow leaned out the back door of the club and puked. He wasn’t exactly tidy about cleaning himself up, so there were vomit stains all over this poor girl’s shirt. I’m pretty sure she told him just to go ahead and keep it.

Proof of Yow’s lunacy from ’94 in Dallas at The Orbit Room:

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