Rumors of Courtney Love’s live return

Courtney LoveI heard an NPR piece on Courtney Love a few weeks ago. The woman is over 40 and sounds like a stoned piece of used jet-trash when she talks. I know she’s 100% “punk” and everything and talking like a “suit” is unthinkable, but you’d think she’d be able form a cohesive thought without saying “like” 27 times.

The purpose of the piece was to walk us through the making of Love’s new solo album, Nobody’s Daughter, (which, if the rough clips were any indication, is going to need a whole lot of auto-tune and Pro-tools), produced by Linda Perry, the obnoxious dreadlocked fruitcake from 4 Non Blondes fame. But the tone was unintentionally laugh out loud funny. The NPR interviewer, in all seriousness, spoke about Love as though she were, you know, talented and stuff.

Love is rumored to be playing the House of Blues on Sunset in LA tomorrow. If things get desperate enough, maybe she’ll show her crotch.

Hardcover book of Fugazi photographs coming in September

Keep Your Eyes Open - Glen E. FriedmanKeep Your Eyes Open – The Fugazi photographs of Glen E. Friedman will be released by Burning Flags Press on September 3, 2007, marking the 20th anniversary of Fugazi’s first-ever show to the day.

Friedman is a famed photographer of the early American punk and hardcore scenes. An exhibition of his work just ended May 27 in Antwerp, Belgium, entitled ‘FUCK YOU ALL.’

(via Punknews)

Prince to play Macy’s in Minneapolis to launch new fragrance

Prince1,400 fans will get to watch Prince perform in his hometown of Minneapolis at the local Macy’s department store on July 7, as the singer launches his new ‘3121’ fragrance. For a whirlwind tour featuring Prince at local department stores and discount marts, one can purchase the Ultimate Prince Xperience, which, get this, guarantees entry to the Macy’s day show as well as one ticket to see Prince at the Target Center later that evening. So, you know, you can watch Prince and pick up some kitty litter at the same time for one low, low price. Cost for this once in a lifetime Xperience is $250 (plus service charges, taxes, and other fees, of course). This is all sort of sellout-ish, too, but at least Prince is hawking his own crap.

More information can be found at Prince’s official site:

RETRO: Team Dresch “Seven” Mp3

Team DreschA mover and a shaker in the mid-90’s queercore movement in the Northwest, Team Dresch released this rocking pop gem (which I used to play constantly on my show at WUSC, despite its saying “fuck”) on the Rock Stars Kill compilation on Kill Rock Stars in 1995, which also featured songs by Mulkiteo Fairies, Boredoms, Smog, and Universal Order of Armageddon, among others.

After disbanding in 1998 (with members going on to form The Butchies), Team Dresch reunited in 2004 and continues to tour.

Team Dresch – “Seven” – mp3

Ryan Adams’ top five hair metal songs

Ryan Adams on the beachFor a mess of a guy like Ryan Adams, there’s not much left in the shock value vault. But his picks for top five best hair metal tunes are puzzling to say the least. Kix? Yikes. But what do you expect from a certain hangover-induced blog entry on Myspace at the crack of dawn?

From Adams’ Myspace blog:

1. Kix – “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

2. Slaughter – “Fly To The Angels”

3. Dokken – “Dream Warriors” (From the Nightmare on Elm Street III Motion Picture Soundtrack)

4. “Vinne Vincent Invsion [sic] (With Mark Slaughter of Slaughter on Vocals) – “Love Kills”

5. Ozzy Osbourne – “Over The Mountain”

Adams’ 9th record, Easy Tiger, is out June 26.

(via Rolling Stone)

The Police “Murder By Numbers” live at Fan Club show in Vancouver 05.27.2007

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It’s just a minute or so, but the sound is decent. I fear the songs will err on the looser side, since Sting won’t punch it up as high as he used to, and the band is obviously still working out the kinks. Maybe Sting’s just more discerning about when to reach into his upper register. Either way, it’s almost surreal to see this song being played live in 2007.