Sonic Youth to appear on Starbucks compilation

Sonic YouthSonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore thinks it’s amusing that people are horrified by the upcoming union of a Sonic Youth song and the world’s most powerful iced coffee maker. The band is slated to record a song for the Hits Are for Squares compilation on Starbucks’ Hear Music label, which is scheduled for release next year.

Moore’s take on it: “I guess, for some, Sonic Youth represents something that they don’t really equate with Starbucks, but I kind of like the absurdity of it. Sonic Youth has always, in a way, made itself available to the super mainstream.”

True enough. The band has been signed to a major corporation since 1990’s Goo. And, Moore adds, “I never thought of it as being more radical than recording for Universal Music. They’re both corporations that have ties to things that people find sort of problematic.”

New Band of Horses due in October

Band of Horses leader Ben Bridwell spoke to NME about his band’s follow-up to Everything All the Time: “We have a few more things to add, but it’s pretty much in the can,” said Bridwell. “We’re just doing the final tweaking and mixing in Seattle.” The band has moved to the East coast since its last record, finally settling on Asheville, North Carolina, where much of the new album was recorded. “(Producer) Phil (Ek) likes to say that if the last record sounded like a northwest record, this one sounds like a southeast record. While it’s not the fucking Oak Ridge Boys or anything, it does have some country leanings, but there are also a lot of rockers.” The as-yet-untitled album is due out in October via Sub Pop.

Prince album giveaway controversey

PrinceSony BMG is pulling its plans to release Prince’s new record, Planet Earth, after learning about his plans to give away 2 million copies with ‘The Mail on Sunday’ in the UK. Record stores no likey when artists pull this type of bullshit. Prince may not care about brick and mortar stores anymore, but this stunt could easily piss off enough people in power to spur plenty of negative publicity- enough to tank his record oversees. He obviously doesn’t have a lot of stock in either record companies or his own music, having to resort to such cheap and tacky tactics.

A Sony BMG spokesman said: “We decided it was ridiculous to have a UK deal when two million albums are going out free with papers.”

Roxy Music album plans

Roxy Music - Country LifeDespite having released Dylanesqye – a Bob Dylan covers record – only yesterday, Bryan Ferry hopes to return to the studio with his Roxy Music bandmates as soon as his current tour ends to complete the group’s first album since 1982’s Avalon. The band worked on several ideas last year in the studio, but Ferry says, “not a great deal — I’m still writing songs. I’d like to continue with that next year, with any luck.”

UPDATE: Led Zeppelin reunion rumors bollocks

Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant has shot down the news story that’s been circulating all week that claimed the remaining members of Led Zeppelin were reforming for a memorial concert honoring Atlantic Records’ founder Ahmet Ertegun. Plant said he has heard nothing about such a show, adding, “If there was one, then there wouldn’t be enough doctors to support it!” True enough. And I imagine that perishes the thought of there ever being one. It’s way too late, anyway.