Wasted Orient – Chinese punk rock documentary DVD

A Chinese punk band obsessed with Johnny Thunders sounds pretty fucking bad ass to me. Joyside channels the seedy underbelly of American punk rock through the lens of filmmaker Kevin Fritz. The band drinks itself senseless as it walks Fritz through its societal apathy, binge drinking, and rudimentary punk rock. And with songs like “I Don’t Care About Society” and I Wanna Piss Around You!” (around you?…what?) you know good times are to be had. The DVD is out September 25 via Plexifilm


REVIEW: The Beastie Boys, The Mix-Up, Capitol

The Beastie Boys - The Mix-UpNaming your band after something as transient as youth comes back to bite you if you try to stick around too long. And The Beastie Boys have certainly pushed the limits of absurdity, carrying their moniker into their respective 40’s. It’s beyond ridiculous when you think that these guys came out of the box flanked by women in cages and giant inflatable penises on stage and now preach a very PC brand of passive do-gooderism. Sure, bands can change and mature as they age, but when you’re called The Beastie Boys a certain level of mischief is required.

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REVIEW: Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger, Lost Highway

Ryan Adams - Easy TigerIf anything, Ryan Adams knows how to alienate everyone around him. He’s a petulant and defensive interviewee, a humorless spoiled brat on stage, and an indulgent virtuoso on record. It’s amazing anyone even pays attention to him anymore. I suppose his antics work to keep his name in print, but none of it helps his reputation as an artist. And in that regard, Adams is viewed these days as an unfocused dabbler at best.

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