Buckling under the strain of several million Google News Alerts

Even you could beat up these guys.I’m probably the last remaining carbon-based life form that has not heard a single note of Vampire Weekend’s newly released debut. Even this humble blog has been fairly resistant to the charms of this latest in a long succession of bands of the moment, so I feel like I’m among friends.

As for the rest of the blogosphere? They’ve been batshit mad about Vampire Weekend for a coon’s age now, which means the inevitable blacklash isn’t far behind.

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“Gay Baby Buying a Titan 1 Missile Base to Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse”

Behold ShitdiscoAnyone who’s ever written about music and is not employed by, say, Billboard or Rolling Stone can appreciate The A.V. Club’s priceless list of The Worst Band Names of 2007.

There’s no telling what horrors lurk behind such hideous monikers as The Color Fred, Comanche Abortion, The Pleasures of Merely Circulating, Chevy Metal or Cobra Bubbles.

Their tally organizes the culprits by loose themes like “We’re Fucking Heavy, Bro” or “Emoooooo” and provides links when available.

My pick of the litter is after the jump:

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“Just don’t call it ‘Highland Emo'”

The Twilight SadFat Cat recording artists The Twilight Sad — whose Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters was my favorite debut of 2007 — spoke recently with The Scotsman about their success in The States and how, curiously, it has outshined the response in their native Scotland:

“Last year was huge for the Twilight Sad — who come from around Kilsyth — not that we know the half of it here in Scotland. The band … played 160 gigs over 12 months. Only a handful of them, however, were in Scotland.”

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Remixes are for kids #1 – Spoon/Diplo

I’m a total sucker for remixes. Always have been. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, most of them do indeed suck. I’m going to try and bring the ones that suck less. Some might not even be half bad. We’ll see. To start things off, here’s a Diplo remix of Spoon’s Don’t You Evah. I rather like it. *(As a bonus, proceeds from the sale of this remix from the Merge store go to charity.)

don’t you evah – spoon