Vote or Die Don’t

2008logoThis year’s drawn-out primary season might have you wrestling with election fatigue, but that’s no reason to neglect your duty to participate in Name of the Year‘s 2008 Tournament. The first round of voting is going on now.

So let us forget momentarily Messrs. Obama, McCain, Paul, Huckabee, Nader and Mrs. Clinton. The time has come for us to cast our votes for the likes of Genesis Lightbourne, Clarence Clapsaddle, Spaceman Africa, Urban Couch, Firm Dinkins, Destiny Frankenstein and the other contenders vying to join last year’s winner, Vanilla Dong, in the annals of nomenclatural history.

Boy George enters ‘not guilty’ plea in kidnapping case

Boy George Boy George has officially denied kidnapping and chaining a male escort to a wall in his Shoreditch home last April. The Culture Club star’s run ins with the law over the years haven’t been quite as conspicuous as, say George Michael’s have, but they’re certainly more sinister. From heroin addiction to cocaine busts to kidnapping, George has blighted his pop star persona, perhaps, irreparably. Not that anyone was waiting for a new hit but the Culture Club reunion in the late 90’s was at least quasi-successful.  

RETRO: Pat Benatar “Promises in the Dark”

Guilty pleasure: After watching American Idol’s current crop of ladies go down in flames last night, I realized not one of them can even remotely touch the glory of Pat Benatar in her heyday. Even when these girls try to rock out, it’s just kind of sad and puny. I suppose technically some of them can sing well enough, but it’s all so forced and unnatural and completely un-rocking. Just listen to the notes Benatar hits in this song. It’s unreal, and it rocks the fuck out.

Keith Richards’ morning routine

keith_richards In recent comments to Uncut magazine about how his bandmate Mick Jagger is a “power freak” and “a bit vain”, Keith Richards revealed himself to be much more nonchalant about his daily routine: “I just go ‘Thank God I’m awake’ and wait for three or four hours before I do anything.” Richards was also asked what advice he’d give to his younger self, to which he surprisingly replied: “I’d have said ‘Lay off the dope.’ That’s my advice now to all younger members who are into this sort of thing — oh, give it up, it ain’t really worth it.” The self-anointed drug counselor then goes on to needle his peers in Led Zeppelin, commenting on their recent reunion show: “They had one? Well, well done Jimmy and Robert. Fuck off. ‘Stairway To Heaven’ don’t make it for me, baby.”

Space Ghost with Thom Yorke and Bjork

It’s been a few years since I’d seen Space Ghost. I’d almost forgotten how random and funny it was (thanks KFL). This clip features Bjork as Space Ghost’s wife and special guest Thom Yorke. Space Ghost has just asked Moltar to make 100 copies of the “new Radiohead cd” when he sees Thom on the video screen (“is that the guy from, uhh, Radiohead?”) and jerks Moltar aside:

Space Ghost to Moltar: “Now you listen to me. I could go to jail in Mexico if Thom were to hear I’m copying his CD.”
Space Ghost to Thom: “Don’t look at me. We’re talking about…dragons.”
Back to Moltar: “So you take Thom out to the set while I burn and verify these… (head titled at Thom) dragons.”