Liz Phair on Guyville

I really was in Guyville. When I went back to the documentary, the one unifying thing with the guys is, they all talk a really long time, and then I get a tiny little word in edgewise. They were all like, “This is what’s good,” “This is what you should like,” and I was like, [sing-songy] “fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.”

Chris Martin is not a rock god, duh

coldplay1 I’m a little slow getting around to this, but I just re-read it and laughed the whole way through: Meathead over at Buddyhead rips Rolling Stone and Coldplay’s Chris Martin a new one. Easy targets, I realize, but they were both asking for it. For RS to call Chris Martin a rock god is more than a stretch, as Meathead so eloquently muses:

What?  Christ Almighty, just how far down has the bar been lowered that motherfucking Chris Martin, whose music can frequently be heard playing over the speakers at Bed Bath & Beyond, is considered a rock god?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to even qualify as a rock god, don’t you have to actually rock first?  I’m pretty sure Kenny Loggins is further up the list than Chris Martin.  I can’t say with any real authority how many times the devil horns have been thrown at a Coldplay concert, but I’m going to make an educated guess here and put it at around zero.

[via Buddyhead]

Listen to the music, let it sellout.

“From the absurdly elaborate pivoting, platform-raising box, to the black fabric wrap (which looked blue to our camera), to the faux-LP liner, to Peter Saville’s signature etched in foam, they clearly did Joy Division justice on this one.”


New Trail of Dead in early ’09, less corporate, more indie

up-trail_o_dead After its acrimonious departure from Interscope Records, replete with the requisite blog-style rant outing label-head Jimmy Iovine for his alleged philandering habits, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead is gearing up for its sixth long-player. Scheduled for a January 2009 release, the as-yet-untitled record will reside on the band’s own imprint, Richter Scale Records in conjunction with Justice Records, as it follows 2006’s slightly underwhelming So Divided. Quoth outspoken vocalist Conrad Keely on the group’s newfound freedom, “This will allow us to seek the creative freedom envisioned by the founding fathers of our great nation, immune from the tyranny of the corporate ogre.” The corporate ogre that you willingly teamed up with but whatever. I still say the band’s decline commenced the moment bassist Neil Busch left. Here’s to hoping the new record dispels that myth.

RETRO: The Creatures “Right Now” on Tops of the Pops

Two-thirds of the core of Siouxsie and The Banshees performing the jaunty, jazzy “Right Now” off The Wild Things EP on Tops of the Pops as The Creatures in 1983. Sioux is all dolled up, if a little bored by the staid atmosphere of TOTP. This EP is well worth tracking down, but for the lazy it’s also on the Bestiary compilation.