SELLOUT: Interpol shills for Armani

Unsurprising, really. Interpol has always seemingly positioned itself as a band that strived to appeal to those who appreciate the finer things. Slick threads, slick shoes, etc. Even though its musical roots adhere to a post-punk thread, its ideals never seemed married to the underground in any real way. 

Silkworm drummer’s murderer being set free

jeanettesliwinskiew0 Oh, this is maddening. The woman who killed three Chicago musicians, including Silkworm’s Michael Dahlquist, is being released from prison after serving less than half of her eight-year sentence. According to the Chicago Tribune [via Pitchfork], this is how she’s getting off so easy:

“Sliwinski’s time in prison was reduced by a sentencing law that governs many Illinois crimes other than murder and routinely cuts sentences in half, turning her eight-year sentence into four years. She also got credit for roughly two years and four months spent in the Cook County Jail awaiting trial, plus six months off for good behavior. Another three months were trimmed because she received counseling in prison.”

And, of course, keeping this obviously mentally disturbed woman in prison won’t bring back the three victims, but spitting her back into society so quickly just seems ill-advised. Her method of suicide was completely insane (driving her car 90 miles an hour and slamming into a stopped vehicle at a red light). Prison is a punishment as much as it is an intended reformation, and this woman’s punishment has been obscenely light, despite receiving “counseling in prison.” The families of the victims are justifiably upset.

Foals “Red Socks Pugie” on Jimmy Kimmel Live 9-24-08

I DVR’d Jimmy Kimmel Live last night hoping to catch Foals, but the preceding show ran over, which, of course, effed my chances. I was less than thrilled as I fast-forwarded through Kimmel’s blathering only to confirm my fear that, indeed, there would be no Foals for me. So, it was with great pleasure I checked YouTube today and discovered that not only did someone dutifully upload the performance, but the band happened to play my favorite song. Of the year. A quick glance at the YouTube comments revealed one user stating that “Foals = Battles for kids.” Ha.

Walkmen interview + video for “What’s in it for Me?”

walkmen Good Walkmen interview over at Brooklynvegan. I haven’t had a chance to absorb the band’s latest, You & Me, fully quite yet, but they’re one of my favorite bands. I’m not sure why it took me so long to order the record; I’ve just been slow to buy music this year.  But even with my perfunctory listen I know it’s going to be one of my favorites. I’m sort of puzzled that this record is being heralded as a “back on track” move for the band, since I thought 100 Miles Off was as good as Bows + Arrows. I can see how some people might be put off by Hamilton Leithauser’s voice, but I can’t get enough. His raspy straining always makes him sound like he’s on the brink of total collapse, which just makes the music hit harder. There’s something antique and gauzy about their production, too, that’s alluring. The music sounds not of this time. Leithauser has cemented his place on my good side with this quote from the interview:

So are you guys gonna end up like Pink Floyd where it’s the five core guys and then like 12 other musicians on stage?

Once we get the back-up singers, I think it’s time to pack it in.

MBV Reunited, Loud and Finding the Love

NYT profile on MBV post-ATP.

“Loveless” was difficult and expensive to make. Its songs are filled with emotional turmoil and enveloped in otherworldly sounds that had Mr. Shields recording in studio after studio, perpetually dissatisfied. The album’s cost has been estimated at £250,000, about $458,000, which helped to bankrupt its independent record label, Creation. “It was a very, very damaged time for everybody,”Mr. Shields said.