School of Seven Bells

I’ve been enjoying the new album from Brooklyn’s School of Seven Bells lately and figured I should mention it here on the Drawer, seeing as they’re on tour and playing with Drawer B faves, M83. Speaking of M83, that’s a good starting off point for comparison. Lush, gauzed ethereal vocals, electronic walls of noise, lap-pop bleets and bloops. A dash of Stereolab, a smidge of Broadcast, a dollop of Cocteau Twins and beat you can almost dance to. It’s quite an appealing cocktail when it works.

I’m looking forward to catching them in a few weeks with M83.
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Old video gold, Babes in Toyland, and Courtney Love has always sucked

Ok, so I’ve been obsessed with MTV since it decided to post 22,000 videos on its website this week. I’ve been constantly checking to see how thorough its library is. There are some gaping holes to be sure, but MTV gets a pass just for uploading all this gold at all, plus this is only the first week with more to come, obviously. The "similar artists" sidebar has garnered most of my attention, sending me down random tangents and reminding me of some long-forgotten favorites, including this Babes in Toyland video for "Bruise Violet." How this band ever landed a major label deal I still do not understand. Chalk it up to the post-Nirvana, post-grunge explosion of major label cluelessness. Not to take anything away from Babes in Toyland, but music for the masses it clearly is not. Babes in Toyland is what Courtney Love aspired to be in her own cartoonish, opportunistic way. Lead singer Kat Bjelland’s manic vocal lunacy shames anything Courtney tried to pass off as punk.

Babes in Toyland |MTV Music

New Guns N’ Roses album should have been called Anachronistic Catastrophe

guns_n_roses_chinese_democracy And I thought I was puzzled by the new Guns N’ Roses song: Elizabeth Day over at the Guardian says that while listening to the new single by Axl’s thinly veiled GNR tribute ensemble she is "struck by its uncanny resemblance to the Crocodile Dundee soundtrack" (hahahaha, what?), concluding that "it’s the musical equivalent of a Werther’s Original – reassuringly evocative of a simpler age." I can’t say I agree. It’s amazingly bad. No hook, no chorus. Axl’s voice is bazillion-tracked and the guitars just sputter random licks that go absolutely nowhere. It’s nonsense. Day also notes that some GNR fans on the NYT message board are a little underwhelmed: "Thanks for taking so long Axl. I hardly have any hair left to headbang to this with." Zing! Oh, wait, real GNR fans don’t read the New York Times. Zing retracted.

Chinese Democracy – Guns N Roses

New Devo 12″ single due in December

devo-watch_us_work_it Well, if you subscribe to Devo’s own name-branded theory about man’s de-evolution, then new music by Devo is terrible by definition. But if you suspend your disbelief and take Devo’s proselytizing with a grain of salt, you might be able to appreciate the band’s first new vinyl release in decades. You may have already heard the song in a Dell commercial, but "Watch Us Work It" is taking a wax shape on December 9, 2008 in four versions. Also included on the single will be Attery Squash’s "Devo Was Right about Everything" remixed by Robert and Gerald Casale. [via punknews]

Here’s the original Dell ad:

German Day at the Drawer

Today isn’t any sort of official German Day (at least not that I know of), but I am hearby proclaiming October 28th German Day at the Drawer. That Robota 1000 video reminded me of Blumfeld, which reminded me of Stereo Total. I was also thinking about Notwist, but M. Acher sings in English. Oh, and I love Bowie’s german version of Heroes.