Buy Idlewild’s new album before it sells out or before it’s even made

Idlewild2 Idlewild’s sixth LP is on sale, but the band has not even begun recording it yet. In a strange marketing strategy, Idlewild said it is trying to deal "more quickly and directly with the fans." Umm, what? Not having label support might have something to do with it; times are tough, even for rock stars. The band plans to be in the studio in early 2009 with the new album’s release planned for next summer, so why would anyone pre-order a record that’s only mythical at this point? No idea. The Guardian has taken an even more cynical view of the money-grubbing ploy:

"Why stop at album number six, we ask ourselves. Why don’t Idlewild give fans an option to buy albums seven, eight and nine? Let us pre-order the next greatest hits album, due somewhere around 2015. And what about an inevitable "Live On the Moon" reunion disc, due March 2028?"

And with the quality of Idlewild records having taken a steep nose-dive post-100 Broken Windows, you’re really hedging your bets with this new one. No thanks.

Blur to reform in 2009, like totally official this time


If the last year’s "will they/won’t they" saga is any indication, this news will probably be shat all over by another member of the band in a matter of days, but – for now at least – Blur is officially confirmed to be heading into the studio next year, according to frontman Damon Albarn. He recently told the NME, "Blur are certainly going to rehearse and see if we’re into it." I don’t want to read or write another word about it until it actually happens, but that’s not very likely. Five years between records really isn’t that dramatic. Hell, Tears for Fears took five years to follow up Songs from the Big Chair and that turned out…well, ok, bad example. Albarn doesn’t seem to have lost his way, musically, though. I’ve been on board with just about everything he’s done, minus that half-baked solo record from a few years ago. So, he’s surely got another Blur record up his sleeve.    

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead “Bells of Creation” live

Trail of Dead’s strong suit has never been its vocals. Neither Conrad Keely nor Jason Reece are very good singers (which Keely makes abundantly clear in this rehearsal video), but what they lack in natural ability they more than make up for in full throttle punch. Trail of Dead has erred on the side of passion over technical precision since its inception, but bands often fall victim to that strange desire of wanting to improve as they grow. It’s a contagious disease. The last few Trail of Dead records have been more concerned with songwriting and affectation than the fury that started it all. I’m cautiously optimistic about the new record on the band’s own Richter Scale records due out in January, though. Surely to God Keely and Reece have learned a few lessons from the last two stinkers. I realize “Bells of Creation” doesn’t show the full hand, but it has its moments.

And further proof that Eddie Van Halen is a complete jack ass

eddie_van_halen Excerpt from an interview with Sammy Hagar on

Jeb: Last one: I heard that Eddie and you got into a fight in an airplane, while in the air, and Eddie actually tried to smash out a window in the plane. Is that true?

Sammy: Yes, it is true. He tried to smash the window out with his hand until he hurt his hand. Then he tried to smash it out with a wine bottle until Alex jumped up and took the bottle from him and calmed him down. I was going to quit the band the next day, but there were forty more shows and I couldn’t do that to the fans. I thought that it was not cool to burn the fans. I knew they [Van Halen] would make me the bad guy. I refused to fly with the guy ever again. He was completely out of his mind drunk. He was completely wasted. He was so wasted that he was actually stupid enough to take twelve people down. People that act like that shouldn’t be allowed to fly on airplanes, and they probably can’t, but we were flying privately. I said, "The only way I will continue to do this tour is if I have my own airplane." They paid for my own airplane.

Jesus. What a douche.

RETRO: Assfactor 4 “Sometimes I Suck” live

Some altruistic soul has finally posted another Assfactor 4 video on YouTube. It’s a glorious version of “Sometimes I Suck” off the 7″ of the same name, which came out on Repercussion records in, I think, 1993. I’m pretty sure the first pressing came out in 1993. And I’m 99% certain I was at this particular show at the Senseless Beauty Cafe in Columbia, SC on July 7, 1995. Now, if only someone would post a video of the band playing “Dorothy”, my life would almost be complete. [via The Sound of Indie]

Katastrophy Wife


Found out about Kat Bjelland’s new band by way of one of Courtney Love’s illiterate and indecipherable blogs. Evidently, Bjelleand’s home is in danger of being "reposeesed", which one can only assume by context should read "repossessed." Sad news. But on the plus side, Bjelland’s new band is awesome. Her vocal stylings don’t stray far from the manic yelping and crazily possessed howling and grunting she parlayed into a brief major label stint with Babes in Toyland in the early 1990’s. Her philosophy doesn’t sound like it’s changed much either. Quoth Bjelland on “There’s so many pussy bands on the radio that just aren’t pissed off with anything anymore! Nobody has any balls to say what they honestly feel!” Agreed.

Check out "Sweetheart" on Kataostrophy Wife’s MySpace: