Pirates – infinity, RIAA – jack

riaa-toilet-roll-2 The RIAA has vowed to stop suing individuals for online piracy. It seems that after five years and 35,000 cases, the RIAA has finally realized that its tactics were not exactly cost-effective. This does not mean the RIAA has given up completely. The focus has merely shifted. So, instead of suing single moms, dead people, and teenagers, the RIAA will tattle on you to your ISP with its legion of bootleg sniffers in hopes that they can just get you kicked off the internet. [via Gizmodo]

Lily Allen covers Britney

lily Apparently, DJ/producer Mark Ronson has stirred up some trouble by airing Lily Allen’s “just for fun” cover of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” on his NYC radio show, Athentic Shit. Allen’s record company, EMI, is none too pleased about the unauthorized US airing. But the cover is readily available on an EMI sanctioned YouTube channel. Allen’s version is laced with piano, stripped of all the electronic sheen, and not bad at all. I do prefer the original, though. After recently calling Madonna the most overrated person in pop history, Allen has been firing off her mouth, as usual, but she had only kind things to say about Miss Spears: love Britney and I love the song.  

Talk of Blur reunion reignites (one-sided) Mogwai feud

mogwai For some reason Mogwai hates Blur. Remember the Blur Are Shite t-shirts that Mogwai peddled a few years back? (Still available, by the way). Well, now that talk of Blur activity has spread throughout the press, Mogwai is jumping on the chance to cash in for some free publicity kick up some dust in Blur’s face just to see what happens with a revised t-shirt slogan on their blog: "Anyone fancy a ‘Blur: Are Shite Once Again’ T-Shirt." Well, complete and total silence from the Blur camp so far. At least Blur’s feud with Oasis made sense. Two Birtish bands trying to conquer the charts at the top of their respective games. A Blur feud with Mogwai is kind of sad. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Alex James has never even heard of Mogwai.