Own weird piece of Kurt Cobain’s private life


I know fanatical middle-aged heifers buy plastic keychain tubes with purported pieces of Elvis’ hair in them from shady convenience stores in the Deep South, but they’re only out a couple of bucks at worst. Why on earth would anyone pay$2499 for one of Kurt Cobain’s hospital bills? This I cannot fathom. It’s framed, no less. But still. Is that what you want hanging at your place? What does that say to vistors? It kind of screams that you’re crazy. Well, some enterprising eBayer named bugnut2008 certainly hopes you don’t mind. No bids so far. Good luck. You’ve got two days to decide. [via Spinner]

Happy Birthday, Moz


Steven Patrick Morrissey turns 50 today. Sort of hard to believe. Well, The Guardian has been wondering what to get the old coot. Hearing aids and bicycle puncture repair kits aside, the funniest suggestion is clearly: Johnny Marr’s mobile number. Though, a key to his closet is a close second. Some of the comments are worth a gander. I must say, though, that the man looks pretty damn fit for 50, especially when you consider his peers.

Iron & Wine cover New Order on Jimmy Fallon

Iron & Wine performed last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote its rarities collection Around the Well, which came out yesterday on Sub Pop. Sort of ignoring protocol, the perennially hirsute Mr. Beam opened with a new song not featured on the compilation entitled “Godless Brother in Love” but then bent slightly (it’s a web exclusive) to the promotional machine by playing a cover of New Order’s classic “Love Vigilantes”, which is indeed on the commercial release. Stripped of New Order’s idiosyncrasies, “Love Vigilantes” works well as a folk song. An ad precedes the music, as this is a Hulu clip. [via Stereogum]

Blur ponders US dates, preps comp


With all the activity in the Blur camp, fans on this side of the pond have been wondering if they’ll get a taste of the action. Rumors are pointing to some US dates later this year. To coincide with the live shows, the band’s label is prepping a compilation for those who might have missed out on Blur the first time around. It’s a dollar-sign deal to be sure, but the track listing is interesting, if it speaks to what the band might be thinking in terms of setlists. The 25-track double disc set is called Midlife: A Beginners Guide To Blur and is set for release on June 15 by EMI.


Girls & Boys
For Tomorrow
Coffee & TV
Out Of Time
Blue Jeans
Song 2
He Thought Of Cars
Death Of A Party
The Universal
This Is A Low

She’s So High
Chemical World
Good Song
Trimm Trabb
Strange News From Another Star
Battery In Your Leg