Doolittle, the concert (20th Anniversary)

“We wanted to do something special for Doolittle’s 20th anniversary,” Pixies singer/guitarist Black Francis explained in a press release, “and we thought this was a good opportunity to play all of the songs from that album, something we don’t normally do at a regular gig.” Guess I’ll be flying to London or Paris for their European Tour.

p.s. 20 years?!

Glastonbury 2009 in Photos


As young lads, my friends and I used to read reports from Glastonbury in SELECT, NME, et al. and drool at the photos, stories, and the line-ups. We always said we’d go next year but sadly never did. I’ve lived in the UK twice now and have still yet to make it to Pilton for the festivities. I’m not sure I ever will, but I’ll never tire of looking at the photos and wondering about next year.