So, you’ve totally been waiting for a new INXS record, right?

Well, you’re going to be super-stoked because not only is INXS putting out a new record, it’s also kinda/sorta simultaneously putting out an old record but with new singers on old songs. Sound awesome? Or more like a desperate attempt to drum up some business, using the cheapest, most shameless means possible? Well, it gets better. INXS has ditched realitygameshowelvisimpersonator singer JD Fortune, the grand prize “winner” of Rock Star: INXS, for the likes of Ben Harper for “Devil Inside” and Brandon Flowers for “Beautiful Girl.” The low point will surely be Rob Thomas’ Spanish rap version of “Original Sin.” INXS’ original and long-dead lead singer, Michael Hutchence, has rolled over in his grave so many times at this point that he’d probably auto-asphyxiate himself all over again with this latest news. I know I would. Rob Thomas? Ack. I just can’t get over this band’s gall. Flogging a dead horse is an understatement. LET IT GO, GUYS. Surely to God you’ve saved up enough money at this point to relax on a beach somewhere. Is it really necessary to dig up the corpse of your past glories to try and squeeze out a few more shekels? I know you didn’t have the most credibility in rock’s pantheon to begin with, but some of your early stuff was passable, if not pretty good. This is just desperate and sad. I can’t think of a band with less integrity at this point.

Devo converts Olympians with “Uncontrollable Urge”

With its first new album in two decades launching this April, Devo is poised to prove to the world that Devolution is real, looking only slightly rounder for the wear. The band played during prime time at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver two nights ago with a smattering of classics like “Uncontrollable Urge” as well as its new single “Fresh”, which you can download at Club Devo for the price of an email address. While you’re there, you can participate in Devo’s corporate color study (I’m a red). Devo has re-signed with Warner Bros., it’s original home, for a 360 deal to cover the new album, reissues, and touring. The band will play this year’s Coachella festival to celebrate the new record’s release.