Interpol debuts “Barricade” on Letterman

Interpol made its first live television appearance sans bassist Carlos Dengler on The Late Show this past Thursday night to perform “Barricade”, the second song the band has released from its forthcoming self-titled album due out September 7, 2010. Dave Pajo filled the bass duties well enough, even dressing the part. Maybe not quite up to Carlos D’s showy standards but well enough. I’m not as sold on this tune as much as the headier and moodier “Lights”, but I am looking forward to the new LP, which incidentally leaked this week. The quality of the rip was atrocious, so I’d advise waiting.

Nasher Museum at Duke Presents Superchunk Album Release Show

This looks pretty cool: “Venerable Triangle rock band Superchunk will release its first new album in nine years with a concert on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010 at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. ”

Also: “Mac McCaughan wrote an essay for ‘The Record’ catalogue and co-wrote with Harrison Haynes (Les Savy Fav drummer) a song for a 12-inch record project by Xaviera Simmons for the exhibition.”

Tim Kasher plans solo debut for fall

Tim Kasher, the man behind both Cursive and The Good Life, is prepping his first solo record for an October 5th release via Saddle Creek records. The album, entitled The Game of Monogamy, is purported to be more ornate than anything Kasher has been involved with in the past, according to his press release, with “theatrical arrangements” and “lush instrumentation.” A glance at the tracklisting below suggests that this will adhere to Kasher’s lyrically thematic tendencies.

The Game of Monogamy tracklist:

  1. Monogamy Overture
  2. A Grown Man
  3. I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here
  4. Strays
  5. Cold Love
  6. Surprise, Surprise
  7. There Must Be Something I’ve Lost
  8. Bad, Bad Dreams
  9. No Fireworks
  10. The Prodigal Husband
  11. Monogamy