Who took the bomp? A Le Tigre Documentary?

Odd, but potentially entertaining. I still remember seeing my first Le Tigre show at the old Justice League in San Francisco. Absolutely blew my mind at the time. I had flirted with Kathleen Hanna’s music in the past, but nothing from her had ever punched me in the face quite like that live show. And while Le Tigre kind of petered out after that debut album, it still stands as one of my favorite records of all time. Looking forward to seeing this doc.

VIDEO: Radiohead “Lotus Flower”

If you pre-ordered Radiohead’s The King of Limbs, you may now download the digital version, a full 24 hours earlier than expected. I’m on my first listen as I type, but the volume is too low to get the full impact because I can’t crank it at work. Only eight songs, but they are mostly between four and five minutes long.