RIP Davy Jones

Davy Jones, the lead singer of The Monkees died today of a heart attack in Florida. He was 66.

I was 12 when MTV ran insane marathons of reruns of The Monkees’ TV show, which I watched obsessively. No matter who actually played which instruments on the albums, the Head soundtrack is classic.

STREAM: Rocket Juice And The Moon “Hey Shooter (feat. Erykah Badu)”

Not sure how I missed this yesterday over at Stereogum, but the very bizarre “supergroup” comprised of Damon Albarn, Flea, and Tony Allen released the first taste of what its forthcoming full-length might sound like. And, contrary to what that absurd moniker might lead you to believe, it is not terrible. Not terrible at all. The first single features Erykah Badu on vocals, and it’s a spaced-out-funk-jam held together by Flea’s (surprisingly) inoffensive slap bass groove. Either my man-crush on Damon Albarn runs slightly deeper than I had heretofore been aware, or this is quite possibly good.

The group’s proper self-titled album is out March 27, 2012 via Albarn’s Honest Jons label.

Shades Designed by Beck

What’s Beck been up to the past few years besides not making new records? Designing sunglasses for Oliver Peoples, of course. Amazingly, these frames have been in development for two years with Beck being “very involved” in the process. Beck drew inspiration from his personal collection of dead stock 80’s sunglasses, which is why they look like the junk you would find at a surf shop in Myrtle Beach. The resulting “Double Helix” frames can be purchased directly from Oliver Peoples for a mere $595. Before you balk at the price, be aware that Beck’s signature is printed on the right temple using the font from Midnite Vultures. How can you not buy them now? [via Stereogum]

VIDEO: School of Seven Bells “Lafaye”

I’ve been sort of ho-hum on School of Seven Bells until their recent output put me over the edge. Now I’m a full-fledged fan. Sirius XMU has been steadily spinning “The Night,” which was the first track of theirs to prick up my ears. The video for the first official single, “Lafaye,” was shot in an antique home in Dallas and caters to the song’s ethereal vibe with duotone lighting, slow motion pans, and a general cryptic atmosphere. Close ups of singer Alejandra Deheza make it much more palatable. [via Rolling Stone]

You can stream the whole new album, Ghostory, over at Consequence of Sound.