STREAM: Throwing Muses “Sleepwalking-1″


The Throwing Muses’ trajectory of out of left field alterna-art-pop has been anything but normal, which makes perfect sense when you consider bandleader Kristin Hersh’s mental health rollercoaster over the years. The band broke up in the late 1990’s only to return in the early aughts with just as much fire and intensity as when it had begun two decades prior. The return was an aberrant blip because the Muses haven’t been heard from since, which makes a forthcoming 32-song double album even more beguiling. The record is being packaged with a photo art book and musings (intended) by Hersh. The first fruits of those mammoth sessions, “Sleepwalk-1,” can be heard below. And it rocks with stuttering gusto, replete with Hersh’s maniacal vamping. Purgatory/Paradise is out November 11, 2013 on the Harper Collins subsidiary It Books.

STREAM: Tears for Fears Cover The Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start”

Tears for Fears have entered the studio to record the follow up to 2004’s reunion effort Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, which didn’t find near the audience it probably should have. That Donnie Darko momentum didn’t quite have the legs the duo was counting on, but never a band to give a wit about time TFF will reinvent itself once again almost a decade on. The band just posted a stream of the first fruits of its recent labors with a cover of The Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start,” which sees the band embracing its synth-heavy origins to great effect. If this is the sonic direction, then Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith may reignite some of that lost momentum. [via Slicing up Eyeballs]