Coco Gordon Is Punk Rocker

Hard to believe that Kim and Thurston from Sonic Youth have a daughter old enough to start her own punk band. When I first read the news clip over at Pitchfork, I was trying to do the math to figure out how old she must be by now, and it just made me feel old. Big Nils is her band, hailing from Northampton, Mass. And judging by my own teenage output, Coco Gordon is on track for greatness by comparison. Her band’s debut is on sale for $5 over at Bandcamp.

The Art Museums

I heard a track from San Francisco’s The Art Museums on WUSC a few weeks ago and I’ve been smitten with their new(ish) record, Rough Frame, ever since. As Pitchfork says “the duo enthusiastically professes the lo-fi indie pop religion of heroes Television Personalities and legendary labels like Sarah, Slumberland, K, and Flying Nun.” Not a bad recipe.

I Blame Coco: Next Year’s Model


I usually star the Guardian’s “Band of the Day” picks in my Google Reader and go back and listen when I have time. The best one I’ve run across lately is Paul Lester’s pick of I Blame Coco, who just happens to be the daughter of Sting. Now, regardless of what you may think of Master Gordon Sumner or his myriad musical incarnations, his youngest daughter Coco, née Eliot Pauline Styler-Sumner, has an outstanding set of pipes. Like her father in his early days with the Police, she’s obsessed with reggae-inflected pop, but she sells it without a whiff of privilege because, well, of said outstanding pipes. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say she has one of the most intriguing voices I’ve heard in years. As evidence, I submit this rough super 8 video of her performing her best song “The Constant”:

The studio demo of “The Constant” probably showcases her voice better than the video, but I prefer the rawness captured in the video.

At the ripe age of 19, she has already assembled a rough and tumble image, pissing off Dad by associating with bottom feeders like Pete Doherty. I Blame Coco has signed a six-album deal with Island Records, which, I mean, yeah, it’s easy to assume this is merely because of who she is, but the few demos I’ve come across all sound like this girl knows what she’s doing.

Soren Well


Hearing that a band is from Brooklyn may predetermine your attitude towards it, but good music rises above petty biases, good or bad. Soren Well is a quintet from the aforementioned trendy borough that plays a frighteningly accurate amalgamation of Loveless-era shoegaze with showers of guitars and dreamscape vocals. The tonal similarities to My Bloody Valentine’s career-defining album are almost overwhelming. Upon first listening to “After”, I just harped on all the noises and bended tremolos I could pick out that sounded like they were sampled straight from Loveless. But the more I listened, the less that bothered me because the music overtakes you with its monolithic hypnosis. The new songs the band has recently posted to its MySpace page will immediately trigger a reflexive comparison to MBV’s layered, moody architecture. It’s unavoidable. But there’s enough going on under the surface to avoid a knee-jerk dismissal. Soren Well is really good at reproducing these moods and sounds that you’re already very familiar with. So, even with docking for originality points, the band still comes out in the black just based on sheer talent and sonic mass. It’s quite a racket, but one that you will cling to as your ears bleed.