VIDEO: Joy Division’s “Insight” Reimagined

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Joy Division’s unimpeachable debut, Unknown Pleasures, the band has commissioned a visual campaign whereby a new video will accompany each track- all with different directors. The latest addition is the reimagining of “Insight” directed by Makato Nagahisa, best known for this year’s We Are Little Zombies.

Creating a visual companion to music that fans have internalized for decades is no small task. Anton Corbijn carried a similar burden in 1988 when he directed the post-humous video for “Atmosphere” to coincide with the release of Substance. Corbijn didn’t stray far from the band’s gloomy image, whereas these latest videos seem to play fast and loose with visual poetic license.

Director set for Cobain biopic

Universal Studios is finally moving forward on the Kurt Cobain biopic with Oren Moverman set to direct and supervise the screenplay. Having written the screenplay for Denis Johnson’s novel-turned-film Jesus’ Son and having directed last year’s critically lauded The Messenger, Moverman has a level of credibility that shows that Universal is at least taking this somewhat seriously. These rock star biopics can cheese up in a hurry, turning into laughably embarrassing caricatures of everyone and everything portrayed. Val Kilmer’s turn as Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors springs to mind. But, hopefully, Anton Corbijn’s respectful and artful handling of the Ian Curtis story in his film Control will set the standard from which this Cobain project can learn. Casting will also be the sink-or-swim variable here, as the actor chosen will actually sing the Nirvana songs heard in the film, which will be no small feat. [via Rock Daily]

Interpol bassist makes foray into film

carlosd Interpol bassist, Carlos Dengler, will premier his debut film at the Anonymous Gallery in New York City beginning April 17th. The installation will run through May 5th. Dengler produced, stars in, and composed the original score for My Friends Told Me About You. Dengler teamed up with producer Todd Eckler, who co-produced Anton Corbijn’s Joy Division biopic, Control, last year. Dengler on the film: “Making My Friends Told Me About You was a chance to explore the narrative potential of sound and spectacle. The idea was to achieve the expression of film as a composition, a tone poem of carefully selected cinematic effects and gestures.” You can view the trailer or listen to the score. And, yes, Carlos is sporting his moustache in the film.