VIDEO: Joy Division’s “Insight” Reimagined

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Joy Division’s unimpeachable debut, Unknown Pleasures, the band has commissioned a visual campaign whereby a new video will accompany each track- all with different directors. The latest addition is the reimagining of “Insight” directed by Makato Nagahisa, best known for this year’s We Are Little Zombies.

Creating a visual companion to music that fans have internalized for decades is no small task. Anton Corbijn carried a similar burden in 1988 when he directed the post-humous video for “Atmosphere” to coincide with the release of Substance. Corbijn didn’t stray far from the band’s gloomy image, whereas these latest videos seem to play fast and loose with visual poetic license.

Savages Perform “Husbands” on Later with Jools Holland

A friend of mine My friend Pat Wall just messaged me asking if I’d heard Savages yet. I had heard the single “Husbands” the other day on Sirius XMU and almost had to pull over. Savages is an all-female quartet from London, channeling Siouxsie, The Slits, some no wave, and the requisite amount of Joy Division for a bracing, jarring stripe of post-punk that no one else is playing right now. My friend said the band was heavily buzzed last week at SXSW and with good reason. Just watch this video. The debut full-length, Silence Yourself, is being released in May via Matador here in the states. My new favorite band.

New Iceage Album Details

I love how Iceage is referred to as straight up “punk” as opposed to “post-punk” in most references. I assume it’s due to the rowdiness and wild reputation of its live shows more so than the dark, minimalistic music it produces. But any band that steals its name and sense of sonics from Joy Division’s earliest Warsaw days has a de facto soft spot in my heart. The band will follow up its brilliant debut, New Brigade, this coming February via Matador. The new album is called You’re Nothing and was recorded in the band’s hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark. [via Pitchfork]

Tracklist for You’re Nothing:

1. Ecstasy
2. Coalition
3. Interlude
4. Burning Hand
5. In Haze
6. Morals
7. Everything Drifts
8. Wounded Hearts
9. It Might Hit First
10. Rodfæstet
11. Awake
12. You’re Nothing

For a taste of the raucous nature of an Iceage show, check out the video below:

Peter Hook Dangles Unfinished Joy Division Song over Completists’ Heads on New EP

Whether or not your down with Joy Division bassist Peter Hook touring his old band’s debut album with his kid and a few hired guns in tow is one thing. Purchasing an EP of Joy Division covers by said crew is another. I couldn’t imagine patronizing either one. But somebody must be, or I wouldn’t keep reading about it. (And I’m not helping either, obviously). The new EP 1102 / 2011 by Peter Hook and The Light featuring Rowetta (ex-Happy Mondays) tricks out new versions of the Joy Division classics “Atmosphere,” “Insight,” and “New Dawn Fades,” as well as an unfinished Joy Division song evidently titled “Pictures in My Mind.” The latter song is obviously the bait for the completists. Clever trick. I for one can live without any of it. For the curious, it all hits shelves on May 9 on Hook’s own Hacienda Records.

If you’re nostalgic to the point of obsession, then you can check out Hook et al. on tour, where they’ll not only be playing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures on certain dates but for a special show in Manchester on May 18th, the anniversary of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis’ death, the group will perform Joy Division’s final recording, Closer, in its entirety. Dates after the break via Pitchfork.

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