Sony/Legacy Reissuing Three Out-of-Print Prince Albums

Harkening back to the mid-90s, Sony/Legacy is reissuing the first batch of albums released just after Prince had changed his name to the Love Symbol (O(+>) for the first time ever on vinyl. These albums have been out of print for decades and come with exorbitant prices on the collector’s market.

The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) was originally handed out as a cassette mix-tape for Paris Fashion Week back in 1995 and served as a preview of The Gold Experience. It was reissued on cassette earlier this year as a Record Store Day exclusive. Hopefully, the sound issues on that cassette reissue have been addressed for this vinyl edition.

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VIDEO: Prince “Holly Rock”

Prince’s estate has just released an animated video to accompany “Holly Rock”- the latest single off the posthumously released Originals compilation. It’s a song Prince originally wrote for Sheila E. back in 1985. He recorded it at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles the same week he recorded “Kiss” for his own Parade album. Sheila E.’s version ended up on the soundtrack for the film, Krush Groove. It’s fascinating to hear how he wrote for Sheila E.’s perspective, even don’t to the rapping shout-outs. She was given writing credit on the original single.

REVIEW: Prince, Originals (Warner Bros.)

Prince’s estate has been a bit of a PR shambles since the star’s sudden death in April of 2016. The lack of any discernible will has led to a never-ending legal battle between Prince’s family and the banks appointed to care for the business dealings of the musician’s vast estate. Despite the financial squabbles, the estate has managed to eke out a few posthumous releases that one would assume even hardcore fans have to admire. Sadly, this is unlikely since Prince’s elite hardcore fans are an admittedly miserable and impossible lot to please, complaining endlessly about any and everything to do with the man. These releases speak more to spreading the legacy to potential fans as well as to those who already identify as “fams”- the term Prince applied to his followers as he found “fan” (short for a fanatic) to be derisive.

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Prince is Crazy, Contradicts Himself, Previews New 3rdEyeGirl Song

To paraphrase Walt Whitman: Does Prince contradict himself? Very well, then. He is large, and he contains multitudes.

Earlier today, The New York Times reported that two weeks ago Prince Rogers Nelson filed a lawsuit — well, his lawyers did on his behalf, anyway — against 22 bootleggers who allegedly posted unauthorized recordings of his concerts to peer-to-peer sharing sites and their Facebook pages. The timestamp on the most recent update to the Times story reads 4:11 p.m. EST. (Oh, and

But not more than three hours later, The Purple One changed his mind, TMZ reported.

Oh, yeah, he also dropped a teaser of “PRETZELBODYLOGIC,” a song from his 3rd Eye Girl collaboration with Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford and Ida Neilsen. You can hear the 30-second clip above.

The lesson, as always: Prince moves in mysterious ways.

Prince Showcases New Female Backing Band on Fallon

Never one to disappoint in a live setting, Prince tore it up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday night to showcase his new, all-female backing band 3rd Eye Girl and his new single “Screwdriver.” He also played the ultra-deep cut “Bambi” off his second, self-titled LP from 1979. Jimmy Fallon announced a forthcoming tour for Prince to begin on the West Coast in April, although these are the only dates I could verify. [via Stereogum]

Prince Charges Fans to Listen to New Song

Prince is charging fans to stream a new track, “Boyfriend.” God forbid the man be paid for his music. But Prince’s business practices are so well-documented in their horribleness I can’t be bothered to link any examples, but I can’t blame the guy for trying. He just doesn’t “get it,” try as he might. It’s been boondoggle after boondoggle. I used to play along and suffer through each one, thinking “oh, surely to goodness he’s wised up by now.” Nope. It’s a rough world out there for pop stars who became superstars decades ago. Radio won’t touch you. MTV, hahaha. Blogs only buzz about what’s handed to them by the hippest PR machines. What’s left for the Madonnas and Princes of the world? Superbowl performances have already come and gone. The best you can hope for is touring that back catalog and an audience that politely allows you to “play a new one” without shuffling off to the beer stand indignantly.