Black Midi’s Compositional Chaos

A few months ago Sirius XMU played a song by an English band called Black Midi. I was driving when I heard it and completely dumbfounded: It was noisy, anti-melodic, primal and tight- not the type of stuff you hear on the radio in 2019- even on the “indie” radio stations. Several friends have sent me messages in the last few days asking if I’d heard this band yet. Barely. But now I’ve watched the band’s performance filmed at a hostel in Iceland that was aired live on KEXP back in November of last year. In an age when electronic music drives the trends, it’s almost jarring to see a new band this young channeling no-wave, math rock, English post-punk, and Don Caballero-esque compositional chaos. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it yet, but I know I’m intrigued.

CHVRCHES Performs “The Mother We Share” on Jimmy Fallon

This band has been beaten into my brain via Sirius XMU, and it’s a good thing I like it because I’d have been forced to find a new station by now. Despite the overexposure, this song is still catchy as hell. CHVRCHES debut LP The Bones of What You Believe will be out in September on Glassnote. Lauren Mayberry’s voice sounds just as adorably infectious live as it does on record.

VIDEO: School of Seven Bells “Lafaye”

I’ve been sort of ho-hum on School of Seven Bells until their recent output put me over the edge. Now I’m a full-fledged fan. Sirius XMU has been steadily spinning “The Night,” which was the first track of theirs to prick up my ears. The video for the first official single, “Lafaye,” was shot in an antique home in Dallas and caters to the song’s ethereal vibe with duotone lighting, slow motion pans, and a general cryptic atmosphere. Close ups of singer Alejandra Deheza make it much more palatable. [via Rolling Stone]

You can stream the whole new album, Ghostory, over at Consequence of Sound.

DOWNLOAD: Solid Gold “Bible Thumper” mp3


Been hearing a good bit of Solid Gold on Sirius XMU lately. Something about the whole sad disco thing that perks up my ears. Must be all that growing up on New Order. Anyway, both Solid Gold singles I’ve heard are top notch, including “Bible Thumper.” Since the new Junior Boys is kind of meh, this certainly picks up the slack. Download the single below, or you can buy the full length here.

Solid Gold – Bible Thumper.mp3

Harlem “Witch Greens” video

The garage rock schtick has been done to death, but there’s always room for when it’s done well. Harlem is your band. Mixing in a bit of frantic, Pixies-style unpredictability with its retro-kitsch harmonies, Austin’s Harlem knows how to make a glorious lo-fi racket. I recommend listening to “The South of France” on the band’s MySpace page, which has been getting crazy play on Sirius XMU lately, or watching the video for “Witch Greens.” As GvsB pointed out back in August, Harlem’s description of itself is hard to top: “When kids are jumping on the bed playing tennis rackets like guitars. We are the music that is playing in their brains.”–Harlem, on Harlem