Duran Duran scrapped entire album

Posted March 15th, 2007 by eric

When Andy Taylor quit the band last October (for the second time), Duran Duran scrapped an entire album’s worth of material.  I’m not sure why they couldn’t have released it anyway, but the band decided to start from scratch.

Says keyboardist Nick Rhodes: “The album had to be scrapped when five became four. We started again and now we’re nearly there.” He also said the band hopes to collaborate with Nelly Furtado.  Great. First, it was Justin Timberlake (which is certainly why Andy Taylor quit and props to him for having a spine). Then it was Timbaland. And now Nelly Furtado? Jesus. How much can they whore it up with the whole “current” guest star bit? It never works, and it’s an embarrassing grasp for late-career relevance. 

 No one wants to hear Duran Duran with hip hop beats.  Its Public Enemy cover of “911 Is  A Joke” off 1995’s ill-advised Thank You album already has the esteemed position of number 1 worst cover song of all time.

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