Of Montreal already working on follow-up

Posted March 29th, 2007 by eric

Impressive, in-depth piece on Of Montreal mastermind and resident freak Kevin Barnes over at Australia’s Wireless Bollinger. In it he discusses how anti-depressants saved his life but screwed up his marriage (thus, creating the thematic groundwork for Hissing Fauna…), his affinity for Syd Barret’s pop complexities, and his work on the next Of Montreal record, among other bizarre tangents.

On the tall order of following up Hissing Fauna…, Barnes had this to say: “I’m working on a new album now. It will still be poppy and melodic, but more fragmented in its structure. I’m stepping away from the pop song template. I am going to create a bunch of 30-to-50-second sections and string them all together. I don’t think there will be any pauses between pieces. I want it to feel like one long piece with hundreds of movements. The tentative title of the album is Skeletal Lamping.”

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