What kind of Monstrance buggery is this?

Posted March 29th, 2007 by eric

Andy Partridge has teamed up with original XTC keyboard player Barry Andrews and drummer Martyn Barker to form Monstrance– an improvisational trio. Its self-titled debut, a double CD set, is performed comletely live and, obviously, improvised and available in two forms, orange, and a very limited pressing of blue. However, due to its extreme rarity, the blue version is unavailable for purchase on its own. Here’s the kicker: in order to obtain the blue version, you must purchase the orange one as well. So, let’s add this up: one would ostensibly have to buy two copies of the same CD (at a slightly discounted rate) just to get a blue one? Yes, that’s correct. And if you really want to toss some money into the shitter to listen to Partridge wax nonsensical, you can purchase the full Monstrance, comprising both the Orange and Blue versions of the album, a set of 2 T shirts (one orange and one blue, of course), and an array of 5 button badges. Umm, I think I’ll pass.

Tags: commentary · new release