Convicted kid toucher, Gary Glitter, seeks new amnesty in Vietnam

Posted April 10th, 2007 by eric

Having fled the UK for child pornography charges, glam rock joke Gary Glitter is currently trying to obtain a reduction in his three year sentence for “obscene acts with a child.” He’s hoping that a reduction could coincide with “an amnesty that marks Vietnam’s Liberation Day on April 30.”

Glitter’s been listed as a sex offender in his native Britain for child pornography charges stemming from a 1999 arrest when he took his computer into a shop to be fixed and hundreds of illegal photographs of underage children were discovered. After serving two months in jail, Glitter soon fled to Cambodia and later Vietnam, you know, where kid touching isn’t enforced quite as stringently.

And you know if he got busted in Vietnam for obscene acts with a child that it must have been beyond disturbing. Underage kids were even found wandering around in his house and consequently interviewed.

Glitter characterizes his conviction in Vietnam as a “conspiracy.” Totally. I mean, why would they even dare to assume Gary Glitter would molest kids? Must be some governmental snow job.

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  • 1 radiofreekevin // Apr 10, 2007 at 1:05 pm

    I still appreciate the irony when I see legions of sports fans cheering along with his music in arenas and stadiums throughout our fundamentalist nation.