Shannon Wright “St. Pete” mp3

Posted May 4th, 2007 by eric

I was lucky enough to interview Shannon Wright back when she was in Crowsdell, an indie pop band with a dark underbelly from Jacksonville, Florida. She sang live on the air at WUSC after our interview, and I was blown away by her voice. Crowsdell’s second album got shelved when their label, Big Cat, got swallowed up in a merger, and the band broke up shortly thereafter. Wright moved to Atlanta, Georgia and issued her first solo record, Flightsafety, in 1999 for Quarterstick, a subsidiary of Touch and Go. She’s since released three more sets of extremely personal folk songs- just as tense as Cat Power’s but far less showy and melodramatic. Her new LP, Let in the Light, comes out this Tuesday.


Shannon Wright – “St. Pete”

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  • 1 pinko // May 4, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    holy crapola! i was unaware that any good music could find its way into, much less originate from, crapsonville. although, cracksonville is the hometown of every NASCAR fan’s favorite southern rock group, lynyrd skynyrd. also, i believe yellowcard had their meager beginnings, surely at some highschool prom, here. everybody knows that yellowcard…well, they are only probably one of the greatest bands out there right now.